At FlexSolar we provide a full range of solar system design, installation, and maintenance and repair services. FlexSolar design the solar power systems, we also install large or small scale solar systems, and we provide full service system, repair and maintenance. FlexSolar has all your solar power system bases covered!



Every system we do is unique, designed specifically for your power needs. We will meet with you and hear your needs, discuss your options and present you with the best working options that will suit you. These are our steps:

  • Analyze your electrical usage
  • Perform a thorough site visit
  • Present you with a proposal



We will come onsite and do the entire installatin, sourcing all the components and necessary systems agreed upon. Installation of your system starts with the necessary paperwork

  • Permitting submittal packages
  • Engineering documents when required
  • Rebate paperwork
  • Ordering equipment



Off Grid systems require regular battery and Generator maintenance. Component failure is inevitable, we will repair or replace. Regardless of age and make, we will replace failed components and keep your system to working order.

We provide simple maintenance contracts when desired. Maintenance includes:

  • Specific Gravity checks on the batteries
  • Verifying operation of all components
  • Generator Oil and Filter changes.



Problems like reduced array output, which effects the battery performance and output will result in loss of voltage when under load. Repair to your system will ensure longer life and effective running costs in the long run. We deal with areas of repair, like:

  • Fading in the heat
  • Burnt terminals
  • Diode failures