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Homeowners are Turning to Solar to Reduce Their Energy Costs

More and more homeowners are turning to Solar Power every day to reduce their energy expenses. The economics of solar have never been more attractive and affordable. Solar system prices have declined in excess of 40% over the past two years, and we have a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

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Alternative Energy Finance

We offer finance for solar panels and alternative energy solutions

GreenFin clients has the choice of various approved suppliers meeting our strict criteria. When using one of our approved suppliers, you get 5 years minimum guarantee. You also get 12 month installation guarantee from that supplier or installer. We pay the supplier directly and they install within 7 days. Suppliers must also offer you an maintenance plan. We also insure your GreenFin loan against death, disability, loss of employment. Best of all is this can all happen on the same day.



Solar Power

Solar power is now firmly established as the world’s most popular and easily deployable green energy solution.  By harnessing the power of the sun and safely converting it into a usable power source you will be able to use solar electricity for your home and take control of the rising costs of electricity for years to come.

At FlexSolar we will guide you through the best and most cost effective way of reducing your electricity consumption by custom designing the solar solution for your household and advising you on the best steps to take to best suit your need as well as your budget.


Battery Banks

The general goal when designing an off-grid battery bank is to get a system that is big enough to supply all your needs for a few cloudy days, but is also small enough to be charged by your panels.

With the use of deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries in renewable energy and grid-backup system, as the black-outs in you are ideally suited to use these proven applications because of their long, reliable life and low cost of ownership.

As they are an essntial part of getting off the grid we source the most reliable, cost effective solutions to help you make the move to self-sustainability.


Wiring for Solar Power

When wiring the home for solar power with a bettery bank the utmost care is taken to follow the industry guidelines for the safest, neatest and pratical solution.

We use only the best products, inverters, meters, distibution boards and wiring are all done by us to ensure the highest standard of quality and effeciency.

Because we inport directly we can offer you the best quality products at the most competitive prices to ensure that you innitial instillation is affordable.